The Shoe Horn Sonata Speech Analysis

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English Speech- The Shoe Horn Sonata The proscribed text that we read was the play called the Shoe Horn Sonata by John Misto. This play focuses in 1942 during World War 2, 65 Australian Army nurses were trapped in Singapore when the Japanese invaded. They were the first Australian women to serve in battle… and the first to die there. Two women, Bridie and Sheila who survived, were victims of this horrible time. Throughout The Shoe-Horn Sonata, Bridie and Sheila reveals events and emotions they have kept to themselves for half a century. Sheila’s desperate gesture for swapping herself for the medicine (quinine) to save Bridie’s constant but hidden terror of the guards, which is revealed when she runs from the shop as she is surrounded by the harmless Japanese-speaking tourists. These emotional and…show more content…
After Sheila reveals to Bridie that she slept with the Japs to save her life there becomes tension between the two characters and the lights fade showing them separate from each other not taking. Quote: “Bridie still faces away from Sheila. Both of them are ‘isolated’ in spotlights.” In scene 13 Bridie and Sheila reveal more about what happening in Belalau and what the Japs were doing. The dramatic techniques that are used to represent this are the following: Sound, Symbols and motifs, Setting and Character gestures and mannerisms. Sound is used in this scene to show great imagery of what the Japs did to the women’s diaries and how horrible it was. Quote: “From April 1945, the Japs began raiding our huts. Ransacking everything - searching for diaries. They wanted no records of what they’d been doing. When a diary was found, its owner was bashed and locked in a bamboo cage.” This creates a terrible image in our minds as what the Japs used to do was horrible and we would bare to think that this was happening to the women every
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