The Shoe Horn Sonata

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The shoe-horn sonata Good morning, I am here to discuss the play "The Shoe-Horn Sonata" by John Misto in relation to the use of visual elements used, plus two themes. The Shoe-horn Sonata is concerned with the incarceration of two women held captive in a Japanese prisoner of war (POW) camp. Misto uses the play to demonstrate the devastation of war and the human spirit and will to survive. Such themes are shown to the audience through the use of visual elements such as music, projected photographs, lighting effect. My first theme is power. A visual element from the shoe-horn sonata , is lighting/lighting effects. This is shown in Act one, Scene one. This is where it is just Bridie and the voice. Bridie is on stage standing in a spotlight. Bridie talks about how the guards would cry out ‘keirei’, to let the ladys know that’s when to stand at complete attention, then bend their upper-body. When the guards call out ‘naore’ the ladys would straighten up again, without ever looking there master in the eyes. This was a tribute to the emperor japan. The spotlight that is on bridie, is I think to show how they were always in the spotlight know matter what they did. If they tried anything they would get curt. If they didn’t bow right that was a blasphemy against him. They couldn’t do anything without the Japanese knowing. To tell them know they had the power. Quote from bridie- they’d make us stand like that for hours in the afternoon, in the jungle. I’d stare at the dirt and ask myself why I’d ever left Chatswood in the first place. My second visual element , is music. This is shown in Act one, Scene one. The Britons believed that they were everything and nothing could stop them. That they would never be slaves, they were the envy of them all, Britons rule the waves. This is show in the song ‘Rule Britannia’. The Britons no longer ruled and had any power

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