The Shocks Between High School and College Essay

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In the world of today, college is fundamentally essential. Very few occupations are successful in today’s work force without a level of education past high school; therefore, many high school graduates are college bound. These high school graduates commence a long, hard journey as they work to achieve their desired level of education in the field of their choice. What many college bound, high school students do not know as they shift into this new way of schooling is that college life is much more demanding than their accustomed high school life. The three main differences between high school and college are the levels of responsibility, the new diversity of students and their cultures, and the structure of the courses that they will be attending. As new college students, these young minds are held to a much higher standard of responsibility than high school students. One of a student’s newly acquired responsibilities is having self-motivation. Students will have countless assignments for each and every class. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that he/she completes his/her assignments within the allotted time frame. On time does not mean wait until the day of an assignments due date to ask for help, it means ask a few days in advance. If a student has an issue with an assignment, it is his/her responsibility to seek help from one of the professors. Unlike high school, late assignments are inexcusable. Students will be marked down accordingly at the professor’s discretion. College class time is not a time for doing class work unless directed by a professor. College class time is when a professor explains and issues assignments. It is a student’s responsibility to find time during his/her available hours to complete homework assignments. Along with bringing all assignments to class, a student must also have the self-discipline to be in the classroom

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