The Shaw Memorial: Most Realistic Moving Art

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Napoleon Bonaparte said “A picture is worth a thousand words.” A picture, a canvas, a sculpture are all kinds of art. Art is for most artists a way to express themselves, a way to show what they feel, a way to share what they see, and also a way to inspire us to see more than what they draw, write or sculpt. Artists have different ways to work. Some try to be fantastic, romantics that can make us dream; others try to be as realistic as they can to make us think. The last group is the one I consider Augustus Saint-Gaudens to be part of. In “The Shaw Memorial,” he used realism to touch and remind them of important part of American history. Augustus Saint-Gaudens was an Irish-born American realist sculptor [1848-1907] who is considered as one of America's greatest sculptors. “The Shaw Memorial” is a way to honor and remember not only colonel Shaw but also the African-American foot soldiers of the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. What really makes his work interesting and unique is the 1stmonument commemorates a group of soldiers not just one important person. His use of details and realism also make his work unique because it makes us feel what people saw, thought, and felt that day during their walk in Boston. In “The Shaw Memorial.”August Saint-Gaudens represents the group of soldiers and Colonel Shaw with some impressive details. He took fourteen years to make it. He used some real African-American models and a real horse in his studio to sculpt in as much as he could to express what he wanted, and he succeed in what he was looking to accomplish. Augustus Saint-Gaudens shows how the soldiers and the colonel were dressed. When I looked at this work, he really shows the differences between the leader and the soldiers: their shoes, their clothes, what they were carrying. Firth of all, they all wear caps, long-sleeve shirts, and long pants. But the

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