The Shape of Language Skills

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The Shape of Language Skills The language skills can show on your talking. It can be gentle, elegant, direct, funny, in poison tongue, roaring, or irony. Your speaking by whatever way shows your language skills. The formation of language skills does not only depend on peers but also get effect on their family. Peers can make an influence on language skills while family exert more influence on it, which influence on a family’s background, parents’ education, and jobs Family’s background gives more influence on the language skills for children. A child who is from an aristocratic family has a lot of difference on his language skills. When he is young such as a toddler, their parents talk to them by a prefect grammar language. That old and well-know family hire a tutor who graduated from a famous university to teach their child speaking. So that that kind of child who born from a noble family can receive a good education on language when they are young. Distinguish from aristocratic children, a child whose parents are normal, or even though poor. They can not give their children a great pre-school education because of the lack of time and money. They have to pay more time on making a living and children’s future studying. Some of them will ignore or make a bad influence on the golden age when a child learn and shape his own language skills. The background of a family can make an influence on their child’s language skills. In addition, on children’s language skills, the effect parents’ education is much more than you think. For example, Amy Tan’s mother did not have a good education. Her language is poor, simple and limited English. Because of her language skills, she got some problems such as the hospital and the stockbroker. When Amy Tan knew and understood the result of her mother’s language skills, she tried to do her best on it. She wants to improve it and help
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