The Shame Of The Nation Analysis

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The Shame of the Nation - Preparing Minds for the Markets In The Shame of the Nation, Kozol takes a closer look in Chapter 4 at the ways schools prepare children for the modern world by examining the different teaching methods between several schools. Teachers in schools were being forced to use a scripting teaching method to prepare children for the real word, referred to in the book as the modern marketplace. Starting as early as kindergarten children were being asked to think about what kind of jobs they might choose when they grew up. Throughout the classrooms, across different schools, managerial ideas were displayed through posters that showcased manager jobs and retail store logos. This made it difficult for children to choose any other career since…show more content…
When a badly failing school undergoes a redesign or reconstitution they assign them names related to the world of economics and careers. Advocates describe this project not as a race specific project, but as linking academic programs to the world of work for children of all backgrounds, however in suburban schools the school to work idea is not taught so strenuously as it is in urban schools, where it is an instrument of almost every instruction. Schools such as Paul Robeson a school located in the South Bronx, was actually named The Paul Robeson School for Medical Careers and Health Professions, but the description in the school brochures did not match the education being provided by this school. Children wanted to be enrolled in this school with the promise of being a doctor when in reality; the school was designed to prepare students for low paid personnel jobs within a hospital. Moving into a medical career from this school was

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