The Sexual Experience In Rabbit's Run By J. Angstrom

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Rabbit’s Run Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom is an easy going twenty-six year old man that can not quite figure out what he wants out of life. Rabbit spends the majority of the novel running from place to place trying to find the comfort that he so deeply desires from anyone who will show him comfort. The journey that he is taking reaches a split in the road and he is forced to make a decision familiar to many others he made throughout the journey. The decision to continue to run and not go home shows that Rabbit is moving on from his old stressful life with Janice to attempt to start fresh wherever his mind and body take him. In a sense, Rabbit is running to his own self-actualization. Being called a “Christian gentleman” by a hooker before having sex with…show more content…
Rabbit enjoys the sexual experience because it is what makes him feel closest to that person. In a sense, sex for Rabbit, is a drug, and having kicked the habit of cigarettes early in the novel only intensifies his cravings for it. It seems even, at times, that sex might be what he is actually running to and because of his disintegrating relationship with Janice, he must find that feeling of comfort that he needs with someone else. Eventually, after he finds his way home, he is hit with the truth that his wife Janice has killed their newborn baby in a drunken stupor. This only pushes Rabbit away from his old life more, and when he goes off on Janice for killing the baby he is practically pulled to run by his embarrassment. Rabbit running from the cemetery is symbolic of him leaving his old life to begin fresh. When he reaches the final fork in his road he does not go home or back to his life. When Rabbit reaches the final split in the road he pushes forward and towards that new life and his new self that he knows is just down the

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