The Seventh Meditation Essay

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Name Professor Course number Date The Seventh Meditation Consider this, all substances, everything that is created by God so that they owe their existence to Him, are forever unchangeable. No one can make them cease existence unless God Himself decides at the given time to end them. It is therefore certain that nothing can exist without being kept in existence by God in much the same way as how there would be no sunlight without the presence of the sun every day to guarantee light. If God ever withdrew his continuing support for the things that exist, everything he has created would become inexistent immediately. This is because this things were nothing until God created them and supported their existence continuously. If God let something exist infinitely through time, what would it show about His power? This would demonstrate the infinitude of his power as this things, existing as immortals would be evidence, throughout time, that everything required His support in order to exist. A human being is made up of body and soul, both of which are substance created by God. If we deny substantial forms in purely material things, we may also be putting into doubt the substantial form of man, more specifically, the soul. If the soul is viewed as merely a substantial form, while other such forms exist in the arrangement and movement of parts, it can be concluded, from this comparison, that its nature is quite different from others. This conflict in nature of the mind to other forms opens up the easiest path to validating that the soul is immaterial and indeed immortal. While others do not believe this, I think it is totally inconceivable that a substance would come into existence on its own or in any other way other than being created by God himself. We always see that substantial forms come into existence all the time, yet those individuals who think they are

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