The Seventeenth Doll Themes

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Both ‘Summer of the Seventeenth Doll’ by Ray Lawler and ‘The removalists’ by David Williamson have explored the different ways people cope when things change or go wrong. Both playwrights use the style of realism to portray themes which depict changing circumstances on the stage and show how different characters respond. Ray Lawler and David Williamson use the techniques of relevant idiom, staging, costume and symbolism, all conventions of realism, to explore the themes of stereotypes, the changing of traditions and violence. In the early 20th century Australia was searching for its national identity. Plays up until this point in time were traditional melodramatic English plays. ‘The Doll’ was the first Australian play to break away from this tradition use realism and because of this was considered ground breaking. The style of realism was used to reflect issues in society which were relevant to the contempory Australian audiences. Australian idiom, settings and costumes were used which connected to the audience. ‘The Doll’ by Ray Lawler explores how various characters respond to changing circumstances put on stage by both challenging and adhering to stereotypes. In the play the characters of Roo and Barney are…show more content…
Audiences could not connect with the unfamiliar themes, dialogue or settings that these plays employed. “The Doll” was the first of its kind to fully portray the Australian culture and character – at last audiences could respond to the play and its uniquely ‘Australian’ feel. The style of naturalism (extreme realism) emphasised this connection, especially through elements such as Australian vernacular and realistic lighting. The dialogue, costumes and staging all reinforced the fact that Australian’s were looking at themselves, and in this way the themes of the play were made much more interesting and engaging to the
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