The Setting Of "A Rose For Emily" Essay

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There are so many unanswered questions “A Rose for Emily” will leave a reader asking. The narrator presents the story in such a way that can best described as a peeping tom who can only give a glimpse into Ms. Emily Grierson’s life. However, the narrator has a way of giving subtle hints through flashbacks to give the reader an understanding of why Emily is the way she is. Faulkner portrays Emily as a monument to her town, as the last of a dying breed in the old south; throughout “A Rose for Emily,” there are many twist and turns of a town moving forward from its old southern ways into a new era. The narrator sets the mood of the story by revealing that Emily will be buried amongst Union and Confederate soldiers informing the reader of her stature in the community. However, it is quickly revealed that with the change to the new south she would be treated no better than the average citizen; she too would have to pay taxes no matter what her father’s past, alleged legacy may have been. . Despite the town’s leaders efforts to move forward they are quickly reminded by Emily of the old south. This is set to prove that the town is transitioning from the old southern way to a new south and the community must transition as well. Though the step to transition is short lived the reader is taken back to an old southern tradition of courtship by the town frowning of Emily’s riding through town with Homer and no chaperone. The narrator’s preying eyes leads the reader to believe that Emily herself was moving towards a new south by courting and sharing her home with a northern laborer, someone not of her class. The community’s expectation of Emily was to uphold herself as one of the “high and mighty Griersons”(24; all page references are to the class text, The Norton Introduction to Literature, Shorter 9th ed.) of Jefferson. The narrator makes it obvious that the town has a

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