The Servant Leader

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Teaching by Parable James C. Hunter teaches us that to be a good leader, we must first be a servant. He teaches these simple and old lessons in his book by way of a parable, or simple story. In the introduction to the book, Mr. Hunter tells us that the skills and knowledge to be a great leader are not new, but very old and timeless. He takes a very readable approach in teaching these lessons to the reader by presenting them as a story of a successful general manager at a large glass manufacturing facility in northern Michigan by the name of John. We first meet John giving as the story teller. He gives us some detail about being a general manager at the glass company, and some basic family history. His wife Rachel was a psychologist, whom stays home to raise their 2 kids. We then learn that John was very successful in his career having a nice home and other material things, but he has suddenly realized he is beginning to have problems leading people at work and at home. With the suggestion of his wife, he goes to visit their pastor to get advice on how to get things back on track. The pastor suggested he get away for a few days, to be by himself, and then recommended a retreat at a small Christian monastery called John of the Cross. John at first thought the idea was a bit silly, and was contemplating on not heading the advice until the pastor mentioned that one of the monks at the monastery was a former Fortune 500 executive named Leonard Hoffman. Hearing this, Johns curiosity was peaked as he remembered a story about Len Hoffman in the past becoming a monk shocking all those around him. John decided to give the retreat a chance. The Journey Begins John’s wife dropped him off at the monastery for him to begin his week long journey with thirty monks and 6 strangers. The monastery was located on Lake Michigan and was a beautiful peaceful setting.
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