The Security Plan

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The Security Plan Jasmine Acevedo CJS/250 June 15, 2014 Ann Meek The Security Plan Everyone needs a security plan when it comes to opening a new business are just to improve on what you already have. The Pavillion movie theater is located in Brooklyn, NY and will be used as my sample floor plan. The Pavillion is open for the public to see movies and buy goods. It has 9 theaters in total, five in the bottom with 1 men’s and women’s room, two on the second floor with 1 women’s and 1 men’s room, and a café, and on the third floor there’s two theaters. There are two cameras where people purchase the tickets, in a row throughout the concession stand, and others are spread out throughout the whole facility. There is a manager and a manager assistant to be looking at the cameras and helping out the customers at all times. The monitors are located in the manager’s office. Employees and managers have walkie talkies to have communication and after every show, ushers are to clean and check every theater for people left behind or looking to enter in another theater. Also, if seen a strange activity, the facility reserves the right to check all bags before entering. The building also has a gate in the front and an alarm. Some possible threats that The Pavillion movie theater may have is: Fire, Theft or fraud Bombings or bomb threats, Information theft/hacking, Burglary or armed robbery, Kidnapping, and ransom. Fire: The Pavillion movie theater carries many machinery (popcorn machine, fryers, hot dog heater, microwaves, refrigerator, soda machine, coffee machine) and chemicals (cleaning chemicals, oil, and condiments) that is highly flammable. It is important to label everything and have everything at the right spot to prevent a fire. It is also important that no walkways and exits are blocked. Fire extinguishers and phones should be near at all times. A

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