The Secure Preschooler: Nurturing Creativity with Courage, Wisdom with Responsibility

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The Secure Preschooler: Nurturing Creativity With Courage, Wisdom With Responsibility This article translates the theory into practice and describes critical variables in creating the conditions that allow children to develop their inner strengths, and the problem solving styles that define the concept of security (Wright, 2010). Mary J Write (1915-present) the author of this article was a former Chair of the Department of Psychology at Western University and eminent researcher in the fields of child development and early childhood education. She completed her Masters degree in 1940 and her PhD in 1949, both in psychology at the University of Toronto, which is located in Canada. She was a long time friend of Mary Salter Ainsworth, (1913-1999) who studied at the University of Toronto in 1935, under the supervision of William E. Blatz. Mary Salter Ainsworth’s thinking was very much influenced by Blatz’s security theories. After Ainsworth completed her master’s thesis in 1937, Blatz proposed that she should undertake her dissertation research within the framework of his security theory. She later developed her own theory of attachment; in which, both Blatz and Ainsworth collaborated their theories for the creation of the laboratory preschool at the University of Toronto. William E. Blatz (1895-1964) was born the ninth child of german immigrants; he grew up in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. He obtained his bachelor's degree in 1914, his masters degree in 1916, and his medical degree in 1921 all from the University of Toronto. During the first World War, Blatz was rejected twice from the Royal Air Navy, because he was considered a security risk due to his German background; however, he was invited to join Professor Bott (chairman of the psychological department) to work with him in the psychology laboratories on the rehabilitation of

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