The Secrets Essay

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Bradley remembered his grandfather's words; ' Human beings, like plants, grow in the soil of acceptance, not in the atmosphere of rejection.' He struggled to understand why it was so difficult to find that soil to grow into. He has never been accepted and never felt like he belonged to something, and all he ever asked is 'why'. Bradley thought of his characteristics, would his beliefs, his appearance be the problem, or would he just have an unbearable personality. He was confused and couldn’t quite figure out why he was a twenty seven year old man with nothing to belong to. While he was walking up the stairs to his room, he felt rejected, isolated and disconnected to the world. He sat down beside the bed. Stared outside the window. Watching roads, buildings, parks, cars and all the people who seemed so happy and satisfied. As he stared he thought again, why? Bradley's phone vibrated. It was his only good friend, Jesse; 'Hope I'll see you at my house for the footy tonight.' Bradley couldn't get bothered going. Go anywhere or do anything where he would be forced to interact with other people. Earlier that day, Bradley's fourth job request was rejected and this put him in a really bad mood. Especially for socializing since his job rejection reminded him of earlier times where he had been rejected from girls he'd asked out, friends he tried to make or organizations he tried to join or be a part of. Bradley put on his coat and stormed outside to catch some fresh air. He did not know what he was about to do.. As he walked quickly to non specific direction or destination, he crossed into the poorer side of town but he continued walking with no idea what he was doing. Without thinking he walked in an area with a really bad criminal reputation. Bradley crossed into a tiny street and he snapped back to reality and realized he had just walked 7 blocks across town into an

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