The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Y.Michelle Jackson Introduction to Literature Instructor: Lyndsey Lefebvre June 2, 2014 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 2 Walter Mitty is an imaginary character, but he resembles individuals we often meet even individuals we think we know pretty well. His behavior is the focus of the story. Mitty is repeatedly distracted by daydreams, making it necessary for his wife to keep him focused when he is driving and for a parking lot attendant to park his car for him. Even when Walter is on a specific shopping errand, his mind wanders. Mitty’s character, is not totally out of touch with life (as cited in Clugston, 2010). The theme and ideal behind the story can be associated to “Living in Hell”. In the story Walter’s everyday life for him is a living hell, a nagging wife that just won’t stop. Walter seems to never be able to enjoy what he wants to do, so he lets his imagination take him away from his living hell and into a world where he is free. Walter lives his life like a wind storm a turmoil of all of his human emotions that are deeply embedded within. The symbol of a wind storm perfectly fits what goes on inside the mind of Walter Mitty. Walter’s main source of life was regeneration, his daydreaming took him to other places in life. It appeared to him that his pathetic ineffective life had no meaning, so he put high values on his dreams of success. Walter Mitty story was, in essence, a psychological investigation of the "tall tale"-a type of comedy which characterized early outpost humor ( Luretta Hendriks,1965). Mitty seeks something other, something more, than just freedom to daydream. Rather Mitty seeks freedom through his daydreams. That is, in his daydreams Mitty seeks not just freedom “from the petty details of

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