The Secret Life Of Bees Essay

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Sadie Rockefeller K. Shipp English 11 AP/GT May 18, 2011 The Secret Life of Bees: Research Paper Rough Draft In her 2002 novel, The Secret Life of Bees, Sue Monk Kidd, an eloquently compelling feminist, elucidates her opinion on the importance of community, and how it affects the necessary elements of development in a young girl’s life. Whether referring to the importance of motherhood, the struggles of adolescence, or just the benefits of being in a supportive community, Kidd shines a light on the crucial aspects involved in shaping the character and personalities of young women. The Secret Life of Bees is a moving novel about a young girl, Lily Owens, who flees from her abusive father in search of answers pertaining to her deceased mother’s existence. During these troubled times, she finds comfort in a tight-knit community of African American women, who appreciate her and support her through her confusing teenage years. Lily attaches herself to this community, especially a motherly African American woman named August, because they represent her last resort to discover information about her mother. Confused and alone, Lily is desperate to find anything that discredits her mother’s death as her fault and proves that her mother loved her all along. Kidd uses Lily’s vulnerability to portray the necessity of growing up in a comfortable and supportive environment, and how that effects a young girl’s youth and development. Kidd develops this purpose through her use of seamless characterization, the symbolism of bees, and illustrating the crucial influence that a sense of sisterhood, community, and comfort has on a young girl such as Lily Owens. Moving flawlessly throughout the novel, Kidd describes irreplaceable characterizations that create the perfect dynamic between the crucial contents of the plot, and important underlying messages. Dealing first with her

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