The Secret Diplomacy and Secrets in Diplomacy Essay

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Diplomacy has been created with the vision that it will help countries live in peace, but nowadays analysts say that it has double meaning. In spite of avoiding wars, it is their best ally, if we take into consideration the “secret type” of this old art. If we go back to the 60s we will find the best evidence for this theory in the case with the “balance of powers” between the West and the East and its biggest manifestation during the Cold War. For a couple of days the whole world is on the edge of nuclear destruction, because of hidden facts gathered with months between the two sides in it, namely the Soviet Union and the USA. In the crises, named after the place where all the events take place – Cuba, the ambassadors, the real representatives of diplomacy are the main characters, who practically save the world. They lead diplomatic correspondence in the form of letters (that in some cases have the meaning of an international agreement and make a kind of an attempt to return diplomacy to its main designation – to put an end to “war” as the only remedy for avoiding conflicts. Typically, “wars” are events, where the secret diplomacy is implemented. It is not only the Cold War that serves as an example for it. The First World War is another instance for it. After all, the primal purpose for ambassadors is to gather information from the country they are sent to and to submit it to their own country. While conducting this they may go a bit too far and to get involved in the home affairs of the accepting country, which is not preferable. Whether we agree or not, “secret diplomacy” is an inevitable part of the world diplomacy. It is really hard to be eradicated though its removal will bring transparency in the relations not only between the EU countries, but also between the US and their not that good partners. The current US president Barack Obama seems to

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