The secondary schools in Libya, In the past and the present Essay

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The secondary schools in Libya (Comparison between the past and the present) In the last ten years, the education in Libya has seen a major change; the purpose of this was to attempt reform and raise the education level in order to keep pace with scientific and educational development in the modern world. One of the most important actions has been taking that the change from secondary schools to specialised schools. Some of the reactions of people and differences of opinion from the opposition and supporters have accompanied this change. In addition, there were some questions about the new system, such as what is the point of this change, what is the difference between the secondary school and specialised school and which is the fittest and the best for education. The system of specialised schools started in Libya in 2002 and it contains five divisions, which are economics, biology, arts, media, social sciences and engineering. Moreover, the students have to choose one of these divisions. On the other hand, the system of old secondary school contained only two departments, the science and literature and art. Nevertheless, the students on the first year study a general curriculum and on the second year are able to follow one of these paths. The secondary school and specialised school are extending to three years and both are compulsory and free. The successful completions allow the students to enter universities but with a difference method. The students of an old system when passing the final exam have a chance to choose any department they would like. for example, science student(science secondary)could follow any science faculties based on their score, whereas the students of specialised school have to study on the specific faculty that they had chosen during their specialised studies, for example the students who had

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