The Second Language In Thailand Essay

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THE SECOND LANGUAGE IN DEVELOPING COUNTRY Languages are use to communicate and it is about 3000 – 5000 languages in the world so lots of different country have different language but nowadays we have one language that is widely use all over the world. It is not use for the main language but it use to communicate with people in different country and this language is called English. In present, English is a second language for many countries because it is very useful in businesses even a small department store use English in selling and buying with foreigners. English doesn’t have only advantages it also have disadvantages for example the non-native English think that it is more important to learn English than their native languages so it can cause extinct language. In some country it is not acceptable to use English and some country not much people can speak English especially in Thailand. Thailand is a developing country, not much people can speak English and in my opinion it is the good time for Thai people to start learning English because in many civilized country their prosperity come from business and if Thai people can speak English well people could be communicate business with other country even a civilized country then it will be another way that make Thailand become more civilize. Learning English in Thailand is up to teacher, student, and environment. If student learn English with non-native speaker they may remember the wrong pronunciation or the wrong grammar, so it is not very useful for the student to spend their time and receive absolutely nothing. The best way to learn English may be studied it by yourself. By speaking and listening then you will improve your reading and writing automatically. For now, Thai people try to learn English even poor people try to use English just the word that is important for their job to trade with foreigners who

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