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The Second Industrial Revolution (1840-1900) Essay

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  • on February 16, 2011
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The Second Industrial Revolution (1840-1900)
The period of Industrial revolution occurred between the period of 18th and 19th century.   During Industrial revolution many changes occurred in transport, mining, manufacturing, agriculture and technology.   These changes affected the cultural conditions and the economy of many societies, first in the United Kingdom and later the other parts of the world.   Industrial revolution is one of the major events in history of human beings because it influenced all aspects of life.   Second Industrial revolution was also referred to as Technological Revolution and it took place between last half of 19th Century and beginning of the World War 1.During this period, electricity was invented.   The Revolution led increase in production in the Industries in Britain, France, Germany, United States and Japan.   The Second revolution came after the first one had started in Britain towards the end of 18th century .These new technologies were of great importance especially use of electricity, internal combustion engine, communication technologies like telegraph and radios which improved communication and also new substances like chemicals and metals (Jones, 2005).
As a result of Second Industrial Revolution more labor was needed in the factories and mines.   Some parents were poor and thus not able to provide enough food for their children.   This forced many children to move to the factories and mines so that they can be employed to earn some income.   This increased child labor in the effort of getting money for the family.   Many laborers preferred employing children rather than the adults because they could pay children less amounts than the adults even though the amount of work done may be equal.   Children were therefore exploited by the employers by being paid low wages in comparison to the work done.   The machines which were needed did not need application of strength in order to operate them which made it easy for the children to...

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