The Sea Wolf Essay

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The Sea Wolf The Sea Wolf, written by author Jack London, is an epic tale of love, hate, adventure and suspense, which takes place aboard the Ghost. The schooner lights upon a young writer and well to do city boy, Humphrey Van Weyden, after he is involved in a wreck between two ships that sends him drifting out of the San Francisco Bay. Weyden is brought aboard and meets the story’s antagonist, Wolf Larsen. Larsen is a monster of a man, both in his physical appearance and attributes, but also in his actions and philosophies as well. As the story progresses a woman is introduced in the form of Maud Brewster, and some romantic feelings arise. Jack London effectively uses elements such as character development, adventure, romance, and suspense to create a classic novel. London’s well-defined characters spring from the pages with a life of their own and bring the story into being. From the first chapter to the last page, we care about the characters that have been introduced. London gives us a reason to root for Hump by defining him as the hero so well as he goes through his growing process, while simultaneously creating mixed emotions about Wolf Larsen. We can connect with them both, each having been made with modern world examples. It may sound childish, but Pelegreen 2 Wolf Larsen is little more than an extreme model of the school bully. He rules the world that he is in with cruelty and a right-by-self justice system, which introduces another element that hooked me on Sea Wolf. In several instances we are treated to deep and very intriguing philosophical debates via a battle of wits between Wolf Larsen and van Weyden. Early in the novel Hump is appalled by the way Larsen runs the Ghost, giving the crew

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