The Scott Dred Decision

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”The Scott Dred Decision” was the result of Scott Dread attempt to become a free man. He was a slave that was brought to Kansas from Missouri by his owner. Scott Dred claimed that, because a former owner had brought him to a free state for a several years, he was entitled his freedom. This was perhaps the most significant ruling in U.S judicial history. The court rejected Scott’s appeal, referring it to that African American doesn’t have any rights under the Constitution. The decision was positivity written down by the government explaining the power of the people and their property. The government stated that the power should not exercise others; they should not have power over the person and his property. No laws or traditions upon the relation between the slave and the master and can be overruled by the power of the government. The government had no right to take away the right of the American citizen that he or she had reserved by the Constitution. The right to transport a slave was the same to transport any other object for merchandise. The decision clearly states that the right of a property in a slave is clearly and definitely confirmed in the constitution. “The right to traffic in it, like an ordinary article of merchandise an property, was guarantied to citizen of the united states and every state that might desire it, for 20 years” (272). This meant that even if a slave was brought to a “slave free” state he will remain with his owner since the slave is no more than a bottle of whiskey to sell. The government clearly state that they are obligated to keep it this way for all future. The decision also states that no word in the Constitution gives the congress more power over slave property than any other object. According to the decision, the only power that is given is the power to the slaveholder; he could do what he wanted to protect his property.

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