The Scientific Revolution Essay

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The Scientific Revolution represents a time when scientific reasoning and explanation began to take the place of the many ancient Greek myths and ideas that had previously consumed the minds of early Europeans. It is during this time, the mid 16th century, that ideas in astronomy and physics, as well as many other sciences were first introduced. To this day, scientists continue to work hard in an attempt to use science to explain many of the mystery's that remain unexplained, such as finding a cure for cancer, or explaining how the earth and it's atmosphere was created. Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, and Nicolaus Copernicus are some of the names that are widely recognized centuries later for there contributions to the Scientific Revolution, and without there discoveries we may not know as much about science as we do today. There are many who believe the Scientific Revolution marks the end of the medieval word, and the beginning of the modern era. One of the first mysteries early Europeans questioned was the contents of the Solar System, searching relentlessly for an explanation of the fascinating sights of the Moon and Sun, as well as the stars. I can imagine the citizens of old Europe in the night time looking up at the sky in amazement, using only there imagination to find an explanation for the extrordinary sights above. It is believed that Claudius Ptolemy, a Roman citizen of Ancient Egypt, was the first to introduce the idea that Earth was one of many planets belonging to a solar system that consited of several other planets that remained in motion. Later on, Nicolaus Copernicus would argue parts of Ptolemy's theories and introduced the idea that Earth revolves around the sun. Copernicus was also a well respected Mathematician and used math to explain his new philosophies of the Solar System. Copernicus' theories of the solar system have since proved to be a

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