The Scarlett Letter

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"You, Hester Prynne, have committed a sin and brought shame to yourself and to the people of town." Arthur Dimmesdale speaks as Hester Prynne stands helplessly on the scaffold clutching on to the child of god. In the novel The Scarlett Letter, Arthur Dimmesdale, a minister of a small village of Boston, Massachussetts, was Hester Prynne's partner in the horrible sin. Near the scaffold stood Hester Prynne's real husband, Roger Chillingsworth, who was said to be long lost in the ocean. Although both Dimmesdale and Chillingsworth, are sinners but Dimmesdale seems to be the worst one of the two. Roger Chillingsworth, a physician who supposably had to cure the sick, instead tortured Dimmesdale knowing that he was his wife's partner in committing the sin. Chillingsworth kept Dimmesdale in the dark for not letting him know that he was Hester Prynne's husband. Watching Dimmesdale whipping himself and seeing the scarlett letter "A" on his chest, he did not do anything but just sat there and enjoyed the torture. He was harsh and treated the minister with cruelty but that does not make Dimmesdale a person with any lesser sin. Arthur Dimmesdale committed the greater sin because he was a man of faith. He was not true to his sacred vows. He committed an adultary which is considered to be the worst sin because it is against one of the ten commandments. He told the people of lord to be true and faithful to their religion when he was not himself. He did not tell the people about his sin like Hester Prynne's was told. This sin made it unable for him to preach and bring a good change into people's lives because he was impure. People looked at him with great trust and saw him as a man of god but he betrayed that trust by giving into his feeling of lust for a short period of time. He is a impure minister of

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