The Scarlet Ibis Mood Analysis

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Megan Narayan 09/24/12 English I The Scarlet Ibis Draft Y The words you use can change the mood completely. It could make you feel on top of the world one moment but another it could be the complete opposite. The way things are described have a very powerful affect, and can create different feelings. The tone of this whole story was kind of gloomy, it wasn’t boring but it wasn’t happy making. I think that mood is really important to a lot of things throughout the Scarlet Ibis, if this story was told in a different tone I don’t think it would have the same affect. The way things were described in the Scarlet Ibis was a big part on understanding the relationship the brothers have. In the beginning of the story the narrator, also known as the older brother, was describing the atmosphere and said it was times…show more content…
He talks about when his brother was first born in the beginning of the story and how he was happy that he was getting someone to hang out with. Once he found out that his brother was undeveloped he says a lot of things that I think a healthy person should say, such as planning on smothering his brother with a pillow. I consider that the narrator did not sound like an average child, his personality might have been that way since the birth of his brother, but we do not get to read a lot about his life and feelings before his brother was born. I think the relationship between the narrator and his brother is very complex, and cannot be described easily. It was confusing to tell what he narrators true feelings were throughout the story, but I believed that he loved his brother. When his brother couldn’t walk and the narrator was kind of ashamed of him, he secretly started to try to teach him how to walk. The reason he started teaching him how to walk might have been selfish but I do think that he did care about
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