The Salvation Army Has Been Aiding Youth for over 125 Essay

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The Salvation Army has been aiding youth for over 125 years. Each community service center has a spiritual character developing program for young people; for instance, “Sunday school, troop programs, music classes, athletics, arts and crafts, camping, and familial services” (The Salvation Army, 2013) expected to aid care givers to stop the trend of crime and homelessness so children may have a bright future. Within the recent years, The Salvation Army has been helping more people than ever. On or about 30 million individuals have obtained aid from The Salvation Army in the year 2011 alone, but the weight of the mission The Salvation Army faces in societies in the United States continues to be great. In spreading the word of the work of the Salvation Army, one can possibly link the Salvation Army website on a blog, website, or Facebook Page. The possibility of placing an advertisement in a weekly newspaper, a brochure or bulletin. The process that works best is the old word of mouth; simply tell a friend. About 3,400,000 persons of different ages volunteer “time, talents, and resources to assist The Salvation Army's” (The Salvation Army, 2013). The volunteers at the Salvation Army are important to fulfilling the pledge to America of “Doing the Most Good” (The Salvation Army, 2013) as they work as partners in helping. They work to help keep the program running. Their volunteers contribute to ensure the program is running effectively and providing more funding to help run the program. As a part of the Salvation Army’s after school program providing tutoring and help with homework, “local police officers serve as volunteers, helping provide positive influences and building relationships within the community” (Salvation Army Blog, 2013). Other volunteers must qualify and meet the age of 16 and be cooperative “to work with children, with homework, play games, read or

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