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The Salutary Neglect Essay

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  • on December 21, 2010
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Diana Figueroa
Dr. Kelly Mink
17 November 2010
Final Causal Essay
During the first half of the 1700s, the lenient administration of the American colonies caused the weakening of the political and economical power of the British Empire over its colonies.
Royal bureaucrats were satisfied with the rising commerce during the 1720s, and let down their guard in the American colonies; even though they were under the British Empire legislation, the regional government was very peculiar (self-government). Royal officials and members of the House of Commons took advantage of it and corruption prevailed in the cabinet.  
The Salutary Neglect was a lenient British commercial policy in the American colonies; Sir Robert Walpole developed this policy while he was the Whig leader in the House of Commons from 1720 to 1742. Walpole's main idea was to protect British commercial interests; however, he provided benefits to supporters at will to win the approval of his policies. These unorthodox strategies deteriorated the validity of the political system during the reigns of George I (r.1714-1727) & George II (r.1727-1760) (Henretta and Brody 89).
Britain's attempt to exert central control over the colonial economy failed when representative assemblies in North America gained power and the authority of the crown officials was limited. The Colonial administration was increasingly taking control over economic activities (taxation among others) and assemblies in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and New Jersey were ignoring the King's instructions (Henretta and Brody 88).
Purposeful public demonstrations were part of the life in the colonies due to internal unrest from the new politics of the British Empire.
During the Salutary Neglect period, colonist developed a feeling of autonomy; the empire was trying to incorporate its colonies into a federal system. Since their colonies were part of the imperial organization, London did not consider that colonial legislature...

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