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The Salem Witch Trials And The Stono Rebellion Essay

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  • on November 12, 2011
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Throughout colonial times, there have been many rebellions and events caused by many tensions within societies. In colonial society, The Stono Rebellion and The Salem Witch Trials symbolize two very different types of tensions. Although The Stono Rebellion dealt with racial tensions, The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 dealt with political, economical, and generational conflicts.
The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 occurred because of political, social, religious, economical, and generational conflicts. Communities were divided geographically but they were also separated politically and socially. Salem was divided into two different parts: Salem Village and Salem Town. Salem Village residents were mostly poor famers while residents of Salem Town were wealthy merchants and successful people. Salem Village tried to attain independence from Salem Town. The people of Salem Town continued to prosper but farmers from Salem Village believed that their growing prosperity threatened their Puritan values. Salem Village and Salem Town differed on their choices of ministers. Tensions increased when Salem Village’s new minister criticized the prosperity of those in Salem Town. Because of envy and resentment, most of the accused lived in Salem Town and the accusers in Salem Village.
Tensions increased in the communities because people wanted ownership of land. Certain families wanted to own more land, so they accused others of witchcraft so they could be executed. Women were mostly accused of witchcraft rather than men. Male dominance and social structures couldn’t be changed, and Puritans feared women being in power. Witches were described as “outspoken” and were said to be widows who received land and money from their dead husbands. Old women were usually accused of witchcraft by adolescent girls. People believe these young girls who were under strict restrictions would rebel by sneaking out and doing suspicious things such as dancing in the forest. When the girls were caught,...

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