The Safe House

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The safe house This shouldn’t surprise me. It was bound to happen. But whom was I supposed to blame? My whole family had suffered from things like this, so why was I being so whiny? To be honest, I think I have the worst case of them all. Agoraphobia The word sent a chill down my spine. A coward is what I am! I was afraid to go outside! What a wimp! I was the only one in my family that had this phobia. It was kind of embarrassing to look at my family as a whole. I wasn’t the only one that had troubles; crazy people surrounded me. * * Ironically enough, my mother had lockiophobia - fear of childbirth, but she kind of had to get over that one after having three kids. My 17-year-old sister Sandra has Ataxophobia - Fear of disorder and untidiness. My 10-year-old cousin Allie had Cathisophobia - fear of sitting. My 4-year-old cousin Ben had Astraphpobia - fear of lightening and thunder. And my best friend Jamie had Heliophobia - Fear of the sun. There were still normal people in my life, like my brother, Sandra’s twin Adam and my dad, but that only went so far when you lived with a bunch of crazy people. We lived in a quiet neighborhood in West Hartford Connecticut. My Cousins lived next door to us, so we were pretty close with each other. Since there were 5 kids with phobias, we made the phobia clubhouse. It was a place where everything we feared was gone, and we were allowed to rant with each other. It was perfectly equipped for all of us. It was in our loft for me since I wouldn’t, couldn’t go outside. It was an open space. There was one window that took up a whole wall with giant curtains to block out all of the weather for Jamie and Ben. The walls and carpet were a perfect white, nothing on them the way my sister liked it. A bookshelf filled with hundreds of books stood in the corner of the room for Allie when she got bored of just standing. 4 bean
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