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English 101 28 January 2011 “The Sacred” By Stephen Dunn The Poem “The Sacred” by Stephen Dunn starts with a question. It is from a teacher to the student body, assumedly in a High School Class. The question seems to get a lot of thought from them. The question asked was “if anyone had a sacred place [ (Dunn 1-2) ].” The students were fidgeting and sinking in their seats. All of a sudden, one of the more serious students perked up to answer the question. He said it was his car. He said it was the alone time with his tape deck playing that would be his perfect “sacred place.” This Poem reminds me of some very important moments in my own life. My car and music were things that I needed to get me through challenging times in my youth. These escapes have even found its way into my adult life as well. They allow me to relax my mind, and create some excitement. In the Poem some of the Students said their sacred places were in “their rooms, their hiding places [ (9-10) ].” One of my favorite places was a tree that I would visit quite often while on a bike ride. The ride would take me on a special trip through a wooded area, coming upon a very tall tree. The tree was an easy climb for me. There were many good spots to sit very high in the limbs. I would sit there for what seemed like hours daydreaming and listening to the wind blow. That was really relaxing and sacred to my soul. When I learned to drive I was in a different world. Freedom had a new meaning to me. A new found love had arrived. A line in the Poem “car kept coming up, the car in motion [ (10-11) ]” comes back to the basic reality that my car was sacred to me, with all the music blaring and friends enjoying it. That is what I call being most important. It truly was my sacred place. This poem brings back so many memories of my youthful experience in my car. It was a 1976 Chevy Monza.

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