The S-Curve Essay

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The S-curve; Disruptive Technologies; Primary Market Structures that Govern American Industry's. Question one~The S curve~ Should they stay or should they go? Explain the theory of the S Curve and how it may relate to Michael Porter’s Five Force Model. The Wikipedia defines the S curve as this: “Many natural processes and complex system learning curves display a history dependent progression from small beginnings that accelerates and approaches a climax over time’. ( While reading a plethora of articles on the S Curve, which all, in detail discuss the conflict of what many emerging technology companies struggle with the decision whether or not to adopt new technology, or continue with their present technology in hopes that it can regains it’s peak. This course of technology innovation is often described through the shape of an S. Since the theory behind the S curve is that in the beginning progress for any new technology is slow, then as it becomes more defined, and developed it builds speed and can even increase exponentially, however, after a while the technology matures and progress is then slow again. The S curve helps company’s see when they are at their optimal point of productivity and when they may be on the decline. When the product or technology is first introduced, there is a considerate amount of R&D expenses that are invested to ensure that it is a marketable item and that they will gain favorable returns on their investment. Some of the research involved is determining whether you have a product that will attract potential buyers without too much costs, or knowledge as to its use, while others will determine whether the introduction of another similar product will enhance the old product by making it new and revised or by introducing another product altogether, to

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