The Running Man Judging a Book by It's Cover

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The Running Man- Judging a Book By It’s Cover is Dangerous: ‘…if it is so difficult to really see these simple creatures, then how much harder is it to see a man. When looking at a silk worm periodically we may see a silk worm as a egg, a grub, a moth or a cocoon. Which is the real silkworm? The same applies with man where we see them in one setting, without know their past or the circumstances that have lead them to this instance in time, we may judge them on a thin slice of their lives. By saying this, Tom Leyton challenges Joseph to look beyond what is obvious when judging The Running Man. The theme of the running man, that things are not always what they seem, is a consistent through Michael Bauer’s text. Many of the characters are misjudged such as ‘the running man’ who is labeled as “the stuff from nightmares”, Tom Leyton a “dangerous sick man” and even Mrs. Mossop, Joseph’s “nosey” neighbour. The books also challenges us as readers to reconsider the intentions behind the actions of the characters in the book, as we find out more about their past. Simon Jamison or The Running man, as Joseph labels him, is seen as a mad man, someone to be “avoided” and who is eyed “with suspicion” and “distaste”. Joseph’s early memories of the running Man colour the way he sees him even in the present, as someone dangerous and to be feared. As a child, Joseph was scared by the “aimless sprinting” of this man, who looked like he was “being chased by a demon”. Joseph eventually finds out about Simon Jamison’s tragic past, where his family was burned in a fire. He is not someone chasing anyone of this world, but runs as way of dealing with the pain of his memories. One of the central characters in the book is Tom Leyton, who is judged harshly by the community, with rumours spread of his “deformity and madness”. Tom’s experiences in the war have led him to isolate

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