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The “rules” and/or expectations of writing in school are grammar, mechanics, punctuation, spelling, usage and some general rules. Grammar includes singularity and plurality of words, sentence order, absolute phrases, double negatives and sentence types. Mechanics rules are the ampersand, writing numbers and marking titles. Punctuation is the usage of the comma, hyphens, quotations, apostrophes and semicolons. Spelling deals with words such as to or too, the prefix –dis or –dys, “I” before “E” except after “C” and “color” and “colour”. Usage involves the proper use of “who” and “that”, “shall” and “will”, “lie” and “lay”, “hanged” and “hung”. Some of the general rules include figures of speech, definite articles and non sequitur claims. We learn all these “rules”, or guidelines, going through school and growing up society but there are a few differences between each rule. Grammar, mechanics and punctuation are taught a specific way here in the States than they are, say, in England but are, for the most part, the same. Spelling, usage and a few of the general rules can be interchangeable between different cultures. The community of writers, as a whole, made these rules as our nations grew and developed as a way to share ideas as clear and precise as possible. Just as we created these rules I think we are also the ones that enforce them to make sure things don’t get to chaotic and we lose track of what is trying to be said. If the rules aren’t enforced people will soon forget them and ideas will be lost forever. I feel these “rules” shouldn’t be labeled as rules because they’re more like guidelines and suggestions but we can’t say

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