The Room Was a Mess Essay

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The Room Was a Mess The party last night was epic; the pool room however was trashed. It was around 10 am on idea Saturday morning and I was just waking up. I had passed out on the floor, near two other friends. I felt nauseous and my head was pounding as if it were a subwoofer playing the blaring music from the night before, and my stomach reminding me that tequila isn’t a great. I had not opened my eyes yet, but I could tell it was a beautiful day outside. I felt the warm sun blaring thru the windows, and could hear the birds chirping. The windows were open and I could feel a slight breeze cruising through the room. The air was a nice cool feeling and had a clean fresh smell to it, but every now and again you would catch a whiff of a strong pungent scent, not so nice. This instantly made me feel sick to my stomach. That would be the beer and alcohol that was filling the air. As I opened my eyes, and stood up from what seemed like a night that would never end; I looked around, and saw brightly colored clothes, the kind you would wear to a party to get noticed. They were laying on almost every part of the room, even the ceiling fan. People were lying about, from passing out at different times of the evening one friend of mine was even under the pool table, I can’t imagine how she got there, it’s not easy place to get to because the sides of the table nearly reach the floor. The pool table is covered with red felt and is now also covered in, red felt, nacho dip, and nachos and not to forget the beer to make a great pool table soup; it smelled so awful it was indescribable. Their was Water on the floor leading from the pool outside, through the glass doors, and into the room soaking parts of the red carpet. Red and blue solo cups that were once filled with some sort of fun liquid were strewn all over the room almost as if it were confetti. The trash cans obviously

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