The Roman World vs. Feudalism

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The Roman Empire vs. Feudalism The Roman Empire, a strongly build civilization, began in the year 758 B.C. when Rome was founded. People of the Roman Empire where in a lot of ways alike compared to people under the rule of feudalism. After the fall of the Roman Empire, which was believed to have collapsed in 476 A.D. people wanted protection and where willing to let the lords rule. That was how feudalism began. Feudalism was a system where peasants worked for the lords and paid high taxes to them in order to receive protection. To understand the similarities and differences between the Roman Empire and Feudalism text books sometimes outline keep points as well as compare and contrast. The Roman Empire had specific characteristics that made it different from feudalism. In that time period there were entertainment forms such as jousts, chariot races, and Gladiators. Most marriages were arranged and the father of a household had a lot of power such as the power to sell his children into slavery if he had chosen to. The Roman Empire had a strong democratic government which was split into three sections with a constitution. The three sections included the Assembly of Centuries, for the wealthy people, the Assembly of Tribes whom helped the common people, as well as the Patrician group which had the most power and took care of foreign matters and law making responsibilities. The Roman Empire was strongly built and stuck together for quite some time. When Feudalism began many new traditions were started. At that time period Christianity became the dominate religion among almost the whole population. Many aspects of the people’s lives revolved around church. A disease was considered to be a ‘sin of the soul.’ Music and art also became an important entertainment value to the people. Manors and churches held festivals where a large amount of event goers could sing with

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