The Roman Empire: Successful Or Strong?

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Rome Empire was so successful and strong because no civilization has contributed more to Western thought, expanded so much, and spread so much influence. The Roman Empire became the most advanced empire during its time and was supported by its massive and undefeatable army, which provided security and peace for its people and conquered lands. Roman highways and roads were among the most stable roads ever constructed until the modern ear. Roman Empire also had a stable free-market economy with a robust currency and an enormous, complicated system of public works. The Roman Empire, which existed from 100 BC-50 AD, was a great civilization. The Empire spread from Italy to Western Europe, Mesopotamia and Egypt. Overall, the Roman Empire was a…show more content…
Even though the Roman Empire was strong, there was one major problem in the Empire, which would be its over expansion that caused both Empire and the republic became unstable and eventually broke down. The Roman Empire was said to be the strongest empire that was ever built. The empire controlled and ruled the largest area in European history for over a thousand years, covering about 2.2 million square miles across Europe. Their military had several advantages such as rapid development of the latest technology and due to their advanced engineering skills of the Romans in building roads. Their roads had a strong stone surface which also allowed water to run off to the sides. Roman roads were built throughout the empire, as a result, their armies and supply routes were able to move quickly in enormous numbers. “Generations have admired Roman military efficiency and skill, exemplified by readiness for quick marches, rigid discipline in the field, and construction of the grid-shaped camp after a day’s grueling hike. Military success has likewise almost always depended upon precise communications and unassailable methods of security.”(Edward) This article by Edward supports the fact that most of Roman military power
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