The Rolling 20's Research Paper

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"The rolling 20's" was a facinating and great historical period in the United States history. This decade was one full of spending, great change, investing, and people having money to just blow away. After world war 1, people could work less and get paid more because the economy was doing so well afterwards. Along with this, inventions such as the Mobile T allowed americans to live more carefree. The Mobile T refered to some as "Tin Lizzie" was the first automobile and it was invented by Henry Ford. With the use of The assembly line, mobile T makers could make a great number of cars in one day. Lots of americans bought these cars, and by 1923, 70% of americans owned one. How could all these americans afford these cars you may ask. The answer.............…show more content…
Women that did this were refered to as flappers. Flappers wore their hair short in a bob and wore short skirts and went out on dates. Tradition men didn't like this very much, but the other men loved it. The temperance movement was an effort made by anti-alcohol petitioners who believed alcohol caused too much detruction in the american society. Congress eventually agreed with these people and the 18th amendment was passed to outlaw alcohol. This amendment ended up causing more pain to america than happiness. "Speakeasies developed after this law was passed. They were bars that illegally sold alcohol. The crime rate went sky high afterwards. When congress noticed this, the law was soon repealed. Every thing was pretty much going well in ghe 1920's until americans started to become irresponsible with their money. Even though the installment plan brought people of this era joy it also brought them big trouble. American's made numerous purchases and ended up in debt. Also many american's invested in the stock market and bought on the margain which means borrowing money from the bank to buy
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