The Role of Women in Psychology and Heir Challenges and Hardships Along the Way

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Psy 418 “The Role of Women in Psychology and their Challenges and Hardships Along the Way” 11/9/10 Venisha Clark 11/9/10 “The Role of Women of Psychology and the Challenges and Hardship along their Journey” 1. Introduction : The development of a new introduction to science 2. The Women who paved the way for women psychologist: a. Leta Stetter Hollingworth b. Helen Thompson Woolley c. Mary Whiton Calkins 3. Gladys C. Schwesinger and her accomplishments during WWII 4. Conclusion: Women in Psychology Abstract The purpose of my paper is to describe the role of women in psychology and the many challenges and hardships that they had along their rigorous journey. A long time ago women were not accepted in the scientific field and not really in any other field. Women back then were expected to sit at home and tend to the children and the home, while the husband went to work. Until three women saw things differently and took things into their own hands. These three women were Leta Stetter Hollingworth, Mary Whiton, and Helen Thompson. Each lady had great accomplishments in the field of psychology has some kind of impact on the fact that there are women psychologist today. At the start of the 20th century things began to come around in the United States, because this marked a new beginning for all women. “During this time period is when women were becoming more educated and were influencing the decisions made about women’s places in the economy and politics, as they pressed on for independent rights” (Benjafield, John G., 1996, p.
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