The Role of Women in Different Cultures.

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The role of women in different cultures. Due to biological differences, men and women have been put into different social roles. Since birth, children are told to behave depending on their gender. Being a man, involves being male and masculine; on the other hand, girls are told to be delicate and feminine. However, the stereotype of women has changed with time and space. Women are considered as the gender that stays home, obeys his husband and takes care of the family. But they occupy different roles depending on the culture they are surrounded by. Africa is a land of cultural diversity, full of tribes and with wild manners of living, which sometimes make it harder for people to understand. The inequality between men and women is clearly notable, and it is reflected in the mutilation and ablation of women. It is important to say, that this do not happen only in Africa but in Egypt and the Middle East too. Women that are told to maintain their families and communities, have no right to study, to medicine or to decide what they would like to become in life. Instead, their problems, such as malnutrition, are punished with the ablation previously mentioned. In African culture, to show pain is seemed as debility. So the little girls’ anesthesia is their bravery. The one that is going to be mutilated for life doesn’t have to make a sound of pain. Otherwise, she would be dishonoring her family. Men ensure that by doing this to girls, they reduce their sexual desire and make sure that the woman is a virgin, because in the ablation the labia are sewed. The worst thing is that not only men support this ritual, but mothers and sisters that had been through the same to perform her role as woman and make her family proud. China is another country where the women are considered inferior. In rural cities, women are kidnapped and soled as “wives”, even children are sold here.
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