The Role of the Youth in Family Integration and Community Development Essay

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Family structure is organized around the reproduction, placement, maintenance, and socialization of children (Bredemeter & Stephenson, 1962). Parents are the first teachers of their children. They provide knowledge which helps in the personal and social development of their children. Parental modeling is a powerful influence on the social development of children (Walsh, 1980). Parents serve as role models to their children. The findings of the study suggest a parent who values a child with certain desirable social qualities produces a child with those qualities in spite of the child’s learning disability (Walsh, 1980). Parents must facilitate the social development of their children. They must teach them to become aware of the feelings of others so that their children can participate well in the community when they grow up. Social development starts in the family. Each member has his/her own responsibilities to do. The roles of each of the members of the family must be fulfilled. This will improve the relationship of the family and strengthen the connections between parents and their children. Each member of the family must also be aware and involved in the community in order to have ideas on how they can contribute to the development of the community. One of the most important functions of all families is to teach about intimate and personal relationships (Mena, 1993). Children develop capacity to establish relationship with others. They interact with others and establish a good relationship with their parents and their community. Community is not just group of people but it is the group of children, young and old people who have different knowledge but they are interested to work with each other (Kumar, 2010). Each member of the community contributes and helps towards the development of the community. To be in one community means to work as one community. A

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