The Role of the Health and Social Care Worker

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The Role of the Health and Social Care Worker 1.1 The differences between a working and a personal relationship are in a personal relationship you have choices, you can choose who you want to be with and you can choose which extracurricular activities you do in your social life. You decide what you want to do, what and when you do it and with whom you want to share your life with. In a working relationship you have professional codes of conduct and employer policies and procedures you must adhere to and follow. Although you can be friends with work colleagues you must still remain strictly professional at and all times and maintain boundaries. 1.2 There are many different working relationships in the work environment. Examples are management and staff who comply with policies and procedures or agreed ways of working. Care workers and their colleagues. Cooperating with colleagues and treating them with professionalism and respect. There’s also working relationships with outside agencies such as doctors and other care professionals who may visit your work place. And also there’s family and friends who are visiting service users. Although you can be friendly with them you must always remain professional. 2.1 It is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role so that I work safely within the boundaries of my job role.This ensures I don’t do things that I am not qualified to do and as such put service users in possible harms way whether physically or through the mishandling of confidential
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