The Role of the Court Essay

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Brittney Eastworth Intro to Government Ike Wheeler 15 April 2014 Creative Writing Five: The Role of the Court Throughout the time of John Marshall to right now in the present, there has been many different roles of the court and many different forms of the court from then to today. The first Chief Justice of the United States was John Jay, and the Court's first docketed case was Van Staphorst v. Maryland and its first recorded decision was West v. Barnes. Probably the most controversial of the Supreme Court's early decisions was Chisholm v. Georgia, in which it held that the federal judiciary could hear lawsuits against states. Soon thereafter, responding to the concerns of several states, Congress proposed the 11th Amendment, which granted states immunity from certain types of lawsuits in federal courts. The Amendment was ratified in 1795. Jay was succeeded as Chief Justice by John Rutledge, and then by Oliver Ellsworth. No major cases came before the Supreme Court during this time. To start off, probably one of the most known parts of the court was when John Marshall took lead of it. It was One of the most significant periods during the history of the Court was the tenure of Chief Justice John Marshall. In the landmark case Marbury v. Madison, Marshall held that the Supreme Court could overturn a law passed by Congress if it violated the Constitution, legally cementing the power of judicial review. The Marshall Court also made several important decisions relating to Federalism. Marshall took a broad view of the powers of the federal government, in particular, the interstate commerce clause and the necessary and proper clause. For instance, in McCulloch v. Maryland, the Court ruled that the interstate commerce clause and other clauses permitted Congress to create a national bank, even though the power to create a bank is not explicitly mentioned in the
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