The Role Of Telemachus In The Odyssey

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Telemachus’ Growth in Confidence Telemachus initially has very little confidence, but eventually starts to become hopeful and gains self-esteem .The Odyssey, penned by famed poet Homer, shows how the confidence of Prince Telemachus changes throughout the Telemachia. The epic poem of love, honor, and pain somewhat serves as a guide to how we should govern our actions. The tribulations of a noble warrior, Odysseus, and his son’s search for him bring out the common truths of man’s merits, values, and confidence level. Prince Telemachus garners much confidence in himself while on his journey to find his father. Prince Telemachus is very beaten down when speaking of the suitors and has low confidence. Telemachus talks to Athena who is disguised at Mentes and shows his selfishness when doing so; he seems very impatient and exhausted of events happening. When speaking to Athena of the suitors Telemachus says, “ they continue to bleed my household white. /Soon – you wait—they’ll grind me down as well” (1.292-293). Telemachus seems tired and worn out by the suitors and how they constantly agitate Telemachus’ mom, Penelope. There is an implied metaphor when Telemachus says, “ they continues to bleed my household white”. When a person loses blood they start to turn pale white, and Telemachus is essentially saying the suitors are killing down his home and destroying it.…show more content…
Telemachus refrains from wielding harsh words or violence; he prefers the weapons of words and wit. When King Menelaus invites Telemachus to reside in his palace for a while, Telemachus says, Please, Menelaus, don’t keep me quite so long. True, I’d gladly sit beside you one whole year Without a twinge of longing for home or parents. It’s wonderful how you tell you tell your stories, all you say— I delight to listen! Yes, but now, I’m afraid, My comrades must be restless in sacred Pylos,
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