The Role of State Health Department

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The role of State Health Department in United States is to lead and target issues within communities throughout the local health departments. HHS oversee health issues, environment, and regulate health facilities within these division. They are in charge to collect health data, manage vital statistics, declare health emergencies and formulate health policy. Also, inspect and licenses health professionals. They provide technical assistance such as: Quality improvement, data management, public health law, human resources management and policy development. The local health department work directly with the population by providing services such as: child immunization, family planning, WIC, sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment for tuberculosis but all depend on the geographic area which means that not every local health department offer all the listed services above. State health department are in charge of manage birth, death, diseases prevention and control, etc. In the other hands local health departments are providing direct services to the population. Florida State Health Department provide aid by identifying health risks in the community; maintaining a safe and healthful environment; detecting, investigating, and preventing the spread of disease; promoting healthy lifestyles; providing primary care for individuals with limited access to such care from the private sector; and ensuring that health care practitioners meet the requirements for providing adequate care; informing the public on health issues. The services provide by Polk County the local health department within Poinciana vicinities are birth & death certificates, WIC, Child health, Dental Health, Septic Tank Permitting and Travel Immunization. As it is stated in the book not all the services are provided in the local health department. Every location has a designated group of services

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