The Role Of Racial Segregation In The United States

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Today every citizen of United States has equal privileges and practices of freedom but the history proves how tyrannical the society was before. Throughout the dawn of republic, African Americans in United States have gone through great hardships. Even though Civil War ended slavery, it did not overcome racial discrimination and inequality because blacks still had to face segregation on social, political and ideological levels. After the Civil War, blacks had to face discrimination socially. They were segregated in all public places and accommodations. In order to maintain white supremacy, whites formed Ku Klux Klan. It used violence, terrorism, and lynching to oppress African Americans. The Klan raided Blacks’ houses to get their land.…show more content…
Whites knew that blacks consider themselves as lower to whites and whites took advantage of this. As a result, African Americans were also discriminated ideologically. Whites always considered blacks inferior and their deaths did not matter. South developed a class system to make blacks second class citizens. They thought of blacks as mules who just need full stomach and will work for you in return. Whites always thought that blacks do not need education. One of the reasons they did not want blacks to get education is so they would not know their rights and therefore fight to use them. Also if blacks gained education they would get better jobs and heighten the status in society. Whites made double standards for blacks. They made it improper for a black man to enter a white man’s house through the front door. They also made it improper for a black man to sit down in whites’ living room. Whites were not given titles of Mr. and Mrs.; they were called by their first names no matter how old they were. Whites would also enter blacks’ houses without knocking. The inferiority of blacks led to an unjust society which remained unchanged for many more
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