The Role Of Political Reforms During The Progressive Movement

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Essay All are not born equal. And each according to his ability will end up in two very different groups: the elite or the mass. Elites control every aspects of a functional society. The political, economic, and social decisions which have direct impacts on all members of society are being made by the select few. They have the power, but will only stay in power if they govern wisely. The political climate has dramatically changed with the publication of revealing novels during the Progressive era. Reforms were necessary as response to the outcries depicted in the novels. The Progressive movement was certainly not a victory for liberalism, but of rather wise conservatives’ adaptation in the ever changing political atmosphere to stay in power. The political reforms during the Progressive movement certainly gave the masses more political rights. Some rules to the political game were changed for sure. Ballot initiative, direct primary, direct election of U.S senators, referendum and many other reforms took place. However, whether the senators were elected to office…show more content…
Business elites exploited their work force and made profits to the maximum degree. Time had changed and no one could make adjustments and adapted as quickly and smoothly as business. The number of immigrants allowed to enter United States was restricted by quotas. Workers became much more united after the publication of the novels and the fire that burned at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company. Theodore Roosevelt stepped up and warned businesses to “act properly.” Those business elites that cooperated with the government elites were considered good trusts. Vice versa, those who didn’t were considered bad and thus busted. Business elites still won the war due to the fact that the government could only go so far until it starts to hurt the economy. Whatever happens to the big guys would have direct impacts on the little
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