The Role of Od and Hr in Attracting & Retaining Staffs Essay

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Table of Contents Acknowledgement Executive Summary 2 3 1. Introduction 1.1. Background 1.2. Limitation of the Report 1.3. Report Organization 4 2. Organization Development (OD) and Human Resources (HR) 2.1. Organization Development (OD) 2.2. Human Resources (HR) 2.3. How OD and HR personnel should be integrated as one 5 3. Roles of OD and HR personnel in attracting new employees 3.1. The importance of attracting the right employees 3.2. Challenges faced in attracting good employees 3.3. How to attract the right and good employees 7 4. Roles of OD and HR personnel in retaining employees 4.1. The importance of retaining employees 4.2. External challenges in retaining employees 4.3. Challenges in within context 4.4. How to retain the employees 9 5. Conclusion 13 Bibliography 14 1 Acknowledgement I would like to thank Mr. ********* for his very useful guidelines, teaching and assistance for our projects. I also would like to extend my gratitude to library staffs from the ************ University Library and ********** Library for helping me patiently in researching and compiling relevant documents for my project. 2 Executive Summary Nowadays, attracting and retaining staffs are very important matters for organizations in the global business. One of the underlying reasons for recruiting staffs being difficult is the difficulty to get right people for right positions. Moreover, it is more important not to lose existing employees of the organizations. Therefore, in order to attract and retain these employees, organizations are required to change accordingly with the global situation. For this purpose, organizational development practitioner and HR practitioner are necessary since their roles consist of attracting and retaining staffs. The details of the roles can be seen in the following report. 3 1. Introduction

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