The Role Of Nature And Nurture In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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Killer Instinct A common question of nature verses nurture appears in the nonfiction novel, In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. For both Perry and Dick their childhood environments had taken a toll on who they were, but it was not the only factor that was involved. Deep inside both of them there was some psychological issue connected to their “killing spree”. Perry had grown up in an unconventional family situation, where as a boy his father and him had lived on their own. Also as the years went by Perry had lost both his brother and sister to suicide. With the many unfortunate events one would think that the environment had a strong effect on Perry. Perry growing up without a strong mother figure could effect his ability to show compassion or care deeply about…show more content…
(All things Perry did not have) As Dick’s mother had wondered were things had gone wrong, nature had played a stronger roll in Dick’s case. He was the mastermind behind many if not all the schemes and he was also the one that felt no remorse about any of his actions; when he had ran over the dog he was proud and got excited about doing it. Psychologically there was something not right with Dick, which leads to a question that maybe there was an incident in Dicks childhood that could of lead to his brutal and vicious actions. Or are some people born with an intuition to kill? Altogether both of these men had some issue that lead to their murderous act(s) whether it be a lack of nature or nurture or a combination of both. Both Perry and Dick have created an interest not only for psychologists and psychiatrists but for the average person to be inside the criminal mind and have brought up the question of nature verse nurture. From this situation new concepts can be overall learned about how the human mind works and whether there is a full control over every

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