The Role Of Mercantilism To The Colonial Process I

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Mercantilism was an economic theory that increases a nation’s wealth by government regulation. By using the simple strategy of exporting more than a country imported and promoting domestic trade the government creates a monopoly over trade and the nation increases its wealth. Mercantilism played a large role in the colonization of the British North American Colonies for the following reasons. The main economic principle behind mercantilism requires more things to be put out then the country takes in, so raw materials are needed. A good way to get more materials involves finding more land to claim that has the materials on them, thus the British colonization of North America. When the British began to colonize the Americas they came into a huge amount of raw materials that allowed them to begin making finished goods that sold for more than then raw materials. The Americas also gave the British a domestic trading partner, with a domestic trading partner Britain began to make even more money. When the British began realizing the tremendous amount of materials the colonists were sitting on Britain shut down trade to other nations which put a collar on the growing American economy and gave the British a monopoly over a large amount of trade. The role of mercantilism to the colonial process of North America was very important. Without the British need to have a large amount of raw materials and a domestic trade partner that would allow them to have a monopoly on trade, the colonies might not have ever
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