The Role Of Hotel Design Essay

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The Role of Hotel Design Introduction An important factor in a destinations’ competitiveness is the image of the destination in the mind of tourists. Governments go to considerable efforts to market positive destination images and will often engage the private sector, such as hotels, in cooperative marketing campaigns. Apparently, the operation of hotel design has been an important topic in hospitality industry. Service quality and customer satisfaction are the main factors of success in the hospitality industry. This is then linked to local destination image. Therefore, there is growing demand for the measurement of the conceptual relationship between hotels design and destination image. Understanding travelers’ images of destinations allow hotel managers to make decision in different levels in order to distribute channels to fit customer’s needs and improve guests’ experience through design and amenities (Skogland & Siguaw 2004). Also, as the hotel industry becomes more global, the concepts of differentiation and regional/national identity are significant for destination image measurement. The aim of this essay is to identify and discuss some examples of cooperative marketing and how these initiatives have contributed to destination competitiveness. Also, this essay will discuss the role of hotel design in strengthening regional/national destination image. The remainder of this essay briefly describes destination image, positioning and branding. Destination Image Destination image has become a strategic weapon and competitive advantage in the tourism industry within the past two decades. There are two components of image which are organic image and inorganic image (Hosany, Ekinci & Uysal 2007). Organic image is the reality of the place and formed by individuals themselves through such things as past experience. Inorganic image is the image the marketing must

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